Top 11 Reasons to Choose Young Living
We know that there are lots of choices in essential oils companies. 
Discover what sets Young Living apart from the rest...
  •  Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns their own farms or partners with farms that are willing to live up to their standards for growing, harvesting and distilling.
  • ​Essential oils sold in most health food stores are aroma-grade or fragrance-grade oils and while they do smell good, they don’t offer the same therapeutic and medicinal benefits. These oils may have an essential oil base, but may contain additives, fillers, and synthetics to increase volume or fragrance. Pure essential oils contain all desired therapeutic compounds – nothing more, nothing less.
  • ​Most essential oils have expiration dates, Young Living oils do not. 100% pure essential oils (excluding citrus) will last indefinitely if properly stored away from heat and sunlight.
  • ​Young Living has been producing the finest quality oils for over 25 years and with over 270 different oils and blends they have the greatest selection of singles & blends of any essential oil company. But, if an oil doesn’t pass Young Living’s strict quality standards, they won’t offer it for sale so sometimes not all of these oils are available until a harvest comes in. Click here to browse the Young Living Product Guide.
  • Young Living uses the finest production practices in the industry. They distill oils once at low temperatures and pressures, using chemical-free water and medical-grade stainless steel distillers. 
  •  Young Living is the only essential oil company in the world with a Seed to Seal process since they control every single aspect of production. This means they do it all! From the seed that grows the plant, to the harvesting, to the distillation, to the sealing of the bottle. From seed to seal, Young Living is in control of everything.
  •  Anyone can visit the Young Living farms around the globe and participate in the harvest & distillation process. We highly recommend this experience! No other essential oil company owns their own farms and can offer this opportunity. 
  •  Young Living oils meet all industry AFNOR and ISO standards and are subjected to isotopic ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) analysis which determines whether a particular essential oil is naturally sourced or synthetic (created in a lab). 
  • ​They offer over 600 products that support emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. 
  • ​There are no minimum sales or purchase requirements for Young Living members. Ever. The only thing you have to do to keep your membership active is to place $50 in orders per year. 
  • ​The D. Gary Young Foundation have impacted communities across the globe. Read more here.
Young Living's Seed to Seal
As the industry leader in creating the world’s best essential oils and oil-infused products, Young Living’s Seed to Seal® quality commitment sets the industry standard for providing pure essential oils and other environmentally friendly oil-infused products. Every drop of Lavender you apply before bedtime and every shot of NingXia Red® that helps start your morning is bolstered by the three pillars of our quality commitment—Sourcing, Science, and Standards.

At Young Living, the quality of our product starts in the fields, but it’s proven in our labs. Our products undergo stringent testing to ensure they always measure up to our Seed to Seal standards. And our commitment to conservation efforts means we proudly give back to the land and people who support our cause. We source our products only from vetted suppliers, including our corporate-owned farms, partner farms, or Seed to Seal-certified suppliers. We’re here to transform lives with our essential oils and oil-infused products, and it begins with our unwavering commitment to providing only the highest quality products. 
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What Healing Practitioners Are Saying about using oils...
"If you are considering using oil in your practice, I would say, “Start today!”
"I started using essential oils in my practice to enhance the treatment and empower my clients. I have always felt confident in the powers essential oils have and after incorporating them into my sessions, my clients report deeper relaxation and more profound positive effect.

I had a client who had a really hard time to face her past and able to address her past experiences after applying Young Living’s Valor and Forgiveness essential oil blends. My clients report have been positive and they feel empowered because they can apply oils themselves as well.

If you are considering using oil in your practice, I would say, “Start today! Working with the energy of the plants adds a special touch to your practice."   

- Henriette Roosendaal, 
Healing Touch Practitioner
Pets and People
"...the majority of my clients prefer to have oils as part of their session"
"Using essential oils has a great benefit to energy healing and works with frequency of the body. At first, I was hesitant to incorporate the oils until I received more information and learned how the oils integrate with body work. When I started offering oils during my sessions, I saw that the client was more connected with the oils and the aromas, which resulted in quicker outcomes for my clients.
 Today, the majority of my clients prefer to have oils as part of their session. I believe the essential oils act as a "trigger" or reminder of the session and its peaceful, relaxation or other positive result." 
- Debra V Reis, 
Healing Touch Practitioner, Wellness Services LLC
"...oils greatly contribute to the healing process "
"I added oils to my Energy Healing Practice because oils greatly contribute to the healing process as well as helping maintain and support all systems of the body, maintaining a healthy and harmonic mind-body-spirit balance. The oils have greatly improved my life for 18 years and my clients have reported greater relaxation and greater pain relief when oils were used during their session.
I would recommend starting simple and slowly introduce oils to your clients with a few basic oils for relaxation. It will greatly improve your life and that of your clients."

- Faith Kemper, 
Healing Touch Practitioner
Healing Hands of Faith

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